Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snow Man

I made a snow man and it was very very cold. I did the most work on the bottom. Every piece was a little bit less of a job. I used acorn tops for the eyes and mouth but we couldn't find a carrot in time so it wasn't done.


  1. Spencer! I love your snowman. I'm sorry I didn't help you make it, but I sure had fun taking pictures of you outside in the cold. And, by the way, your mask is AWESOME!
    Love, Tia Rece

  2. Hey buddy,

    You did an amazing job. Your snowman had a lot of character. I am glad that you told me how you made your eyes. I remember you hunting for something to use. I hope that I can build one with you sometime in the next few years - maybe when there is even more snow!

    Miss you!

    Love Auntie Nanna :)

  3. Hi Spencer,
    That sure was a good snowman you built, and you look great in that cool mask. I sure do miss you.
    Love, Grammy